Holiday Inn Coupon Codes For A Weekend Trip to West Virginia

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Coupons for Hotels in West Virginia

Many people never think of West Virginia when considering a vacation spot, but this is a state full of a variety of fun-filled outdoor activities for the family to enjoy. Whether it’s hiking, whitewater rafting, or camping at one of the many state parks, there is something for everyone to love. And to ‘sweeten the pot’, so to speak, we’d like to offer these 10% off Holiday Inn coupons┬áthat’ll get to take that trip-you’ve-been-meaning-to-take right now!

holiday inn coupon codes

West Virginia: Outdoor Vacation Adventures for the Family

Hiking is a popular activity in West Virginia, which is also known as the “Mountain State”. Many trails exist which are easily hiked by a beginner or seasoned pro. One such trail is the Bluestone Turnpike Trail in the southern part of West Virginia. It winds along the banks of the Bluestone River for 8 miles and connects Pipestem State Park to Bluestone State Park. This is a well-shaded and easy trail for the entire family to experience. Another favorite hiking destination is the popular Spruce Knob Summit. With over 60 trails, this area is an outdoor enthusiast’s delight. Spruce Knob, with an elevation of 4,863 feet, is the highest point in West Virginia. This trail is better suited to the experienced hiker.

West Virginia is home to some of the finest whitewater rafting in the world. Every year, people travel from all over the country to navigate the world-class rapids on the Gauley River. On the Gauley, people can experience anywhere from class III to class V rapids. A 28-mile section, with a drop of more than 668 feet, provides a quality rafting experience. Another popular river for whitewater rafting is the New River. The New River is home to a 14-mile section that has an approximate drop of 240 feet. This river is excellent for both the beginner and the pro.

Pipestem Resort State Park is one of the most picturesque parks in West Virginia. The park consists of two lodges, 26 fully equipped cottages, camping sites, two restaurants, a golf course, riding stables, and both indoor and outdoor swimming pools. The main lodge is McKeever Lodge. It consists of 113 rooms, a conference center, a restaurant, an indoor heated pool, a sauna, a game room, and an exercise room. Another lodge at Pipestem State Park is Mountain Creek Lodge. It is only accessible by an aerial tramway ride which goes 3600 feet down into the Bluestone Gorge. This lodge has 30 rooms and is only open from the middle of May until the end of October. Other activities to enjoy are fishing, horseback riding, hiking, golfing, and swimming.

Canaan Valley Resort is another favorite West Virginia State Park. In addition to 23 cabins and 34 campsites, Canaan Valley Resort features a 160-room lodge. There is also a fitness center, indoor and outdoor pools, a golf course, a conference center, a restaurant, and a ski area. Many cross-country ski trails and hiking trails are available. There are 43 slopes and trails for skiers and snowboarders to enjoy.

Whether it’s hiking, whitewater rafting, skiing, or camping, West Virginia is an outdoor enthusiast’s dream. With so many outdoor activities to choose from, a West Virginia vacation will be a fun-filled adventure for any family.